Local Food

When we talk about enjoying food, we don’t just mean the wonderful cuisine, but also the combination of food, drink, service and surroundings. We are very proud to welcome you to our historic restaurant; our ambitions are high and we can offer you a great food experience, for a special day or any day.
Once you have stayed with us at Gloppen Hotel, you will realise that there is something very special about local food from Nordfjord.

Gloppen Hotel is described in the book En reise i Norge (A Journey Through Norway), which is about 44 very special places to eat and stay, because of their buildings, locations and food. You will also find us in Tradisjon og atmosfære – en reise til norske trehoteller (Tradition and Atmosphere – a Journey to Norwegian Wooden Hotels). We are proud to have been included in both these magnificent books.

A journey through local flavours

We buy most of the raw ingredients for the food you enjoy at Gloppen Hotel from local farms. We have established a production kitchen in the building beside the hotel that enables us to receive and process whole animals.

We select our animals on the farms, before they are taken to be slaughtered. They are then taken directly to our production kitchen. We buy lamb, kid, fine pork, venison and beef in this way. The farmer is paid a little extra for his trouble and, since we cut out a middle man, it is cheaper for us too. We also have an address for our ingredients; we can point to the fields outside the window and tell our guests “that’s where the animals grazed”.

We have named this production kitchen Fjordameny and you can buy some of our standard products, such as fine bacon, hot-smoked salmon, pork sausages, venison sausages etc., in reception or from Coop stores around west Norway.

Restaurant Stovene

Stovene is Gloppen Hotel’s restaurant – the place where you can enjoy good local food and drink in a historic atmosphere.
We serve à la carte. See menu  at the right of this page.

Opening times are 13.00 – 22.00.
For table reservations call + 47 57 86 53 33.

We also have a varied wine cellar and a wide range of local beer. We also have our own brewery at the hotel (ready July 2014).