Gloppen Craft Brew

Kollage ryggeri Preben

Gloppen Brew is our very own craft brewery in the historic cellar of the hotel. Here we have two 500 litre tanks of craft brew at all times. Preben Moen, the hotel owner and manager, is the man behind this brew now sold in our restaurant. Preben became a beer stuart in 2013 at the Wine Acadamy School in Oslo, as one of only 70 in the country. 

Espen Lothe from Kinn Brew has helped Preben get started, and our local brew has become a fast success. Only available in our Restaurant Stovene and cellar pub.

We now have three different brews: Ticket 217, KS Kristianiafjord and Gloppetauser.

Name: TiTIcket 217cket 217
Type: American Pale Ale
Alcohol: 4,7 %




Logo DS KristianiafjordName: KS Kristianiafjord
Type: Dampøl
Alcohol: 5,5 %



GloppetauserName: Gloppetauser
Type: Blonde
Alcohol: 4,7 %